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The work process for a web site localization project will typically include the following steps:
  1. At the beginning of a project you will be addressed to a Project Manager. The Project Manager will monitor the project to its completion, ensuring the timetable and quality standards set with the customer.

  2. Prior to the project launch, we will determine how the web pages/files for translation are to be submitted to us. Files can be sent in their original format (e.g., HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, SQL) or in plain text format. We will also need to determine, prior to the project launch, how the translations are to be returned to the client. In organizations that use a Content Mangement System (CMS) to maintain the website, we can interface directly with the customer CMS.

  3. Our Project Manager and language/country experts analyze your site in order to determine if any adjustments are required due to cultural/country-specific issues. This includes advisement as to color selection, potentially offending texts, currency display issues and more. A report is submitted to the client when relevant.

  4. Once we have received the files, we extract the text strings for translation. The text strings are translated by our linguists, taking into account the context of the web site and the cultural flavors of the target countries. Click here for a description of our translation quality process.

  5. All translations are managed using CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and a translation management system, and a TM (Translation Memory) is generated for each language. Our advanced CAT tools and translation management system allow us to implement effective version control of the project, allowing quick updates of the site in the various languages when making changes to the original language text. These tools also allow us to leverage existing (legacy) translations in future updates. And our translation management system can also interface with your organization's Content Management System to get new language versions out as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

  6. The translated text is inserted (populated) into the web files by our web design people, or sent to your web design people.

  7. The multilingual site is staged for review, before being made public. Our linguists perform online linguistic testing and review of the multilingual web pages. Depending on the complexity of the site, a QA (Quality Assurance) plan can be devised to test the site thoroughly if there are internal windows, popup messages, etc. Errors are corrected either by our design people or the customer.

  8. After the online review has been completed, the new language versions can go live.

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