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  Global Translations has a tested team of native Croatian linguists for your Croatian translation and localization needs.

Our Croatian translators are meticulously screened to determine their industry experience. Many of our Croatian linguists are recognized industry experts in areas such as technical/engineering, software, medical, legal and financial.

We provide English to Croatian translation, Croation to English translation and translation between Croatian and over 40 other languages. Click here for a list of the languages we support.

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Croatian Language Facts

Croatian is that form of Serbo-Croatian and written in the Roman alphabet. Except for their scripts, Croatian and Serbian are really the same language, though a slightly different intonation or the use of a certain word will sometimes indicate whether one is a Serb or a Croat, both alternatives are understood perfectly well by everyone. Serbo-Croatian is a member of the Slavic branch of Indo-European languages.

Serbo-Croatian is the most widely spoken language of Yugoslavia (the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro), Croatia, and Bosnia - Herzegovina. Culturally, Yugoslavia's eastern region (the republics of Serbia, Montenegro and parts of Bosnia - Hercegovina) is separated from the western region (Croatia and parts of Bosnia - Hercegovina) by religion and dialect. As a result, the two standard forms of the language, Serbian and Croatian, are based on two distinct dialects and are written in different scripts.

Serbo-Croatian is spoken by a total of about 20 million speakers. In Yugoslavia there are about 10 million speakers; in Croatia there are almost 5.5 million; and in Bosnia - Herzegovina, a million and a half. There are large numbers of speakers, in Canada and the USA. Smaller communities are found in Austria, Hungary, and Turkey. There are also speakers in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece.

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